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Bound (NC-17)
Summary: Smutbiscuit, essentially, but: Doggett is kidnapped and used as a sex toy. Everybody's happy.
DTA Rating: N X

Deadly Lover Mine
, pt 2, pt 3 *WIP* (R)
By: Raven Morgan Leigh
DTA Rating: X A

Letters OUT, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4, pt 5, pt 6, pt 7, pt 8, pt 9, pt 10, pt 11 (NC-17)
Summary: X-Files/Oz crossover. Doggett goes undercover in Emerald City. This is part of the `Letters' universe, where Doggett and Skinner are an item. This will make more sense if you're familiar with the canon of my previous 5 tales.
[which can be found on XFMU] I would imagine a lot of readers will know the characters from Oz, but I don't think it's compulsory!
DTA Rating: 1 X

Mener par le Bout du Nez (NC-17)
By: Diandra Hollman
Summary: "I could feel his eyes on me. I also felt a sense of dread. The kind a child feels when he knows he's done something wrong and is going to be punished."
DTA Rating: N X

Nobody's Fool
Trajan Dunn
Summary: Doggett enters a Heart of Darkness he might never escape.
DTA Rating: X

Persuasion (NC-17)
Summary: Skinner persuades Doggett to reconsider the nature of their relationship.
DTA Rating: N X

The "A Sense of..." series (R to NC-17)
Diandra Hollman
Summaries: Pretend that nothing beyond DeadAlive ever happened. Now take the scene in Three Words where Absalom kidnaps Doggett and remove Absalom and any established plot of the episode (pretend this was the opening scene). This is my take on what would have happened if it had been someone other than Absalom holding the gun...someone with a very different agenda.
DTA Rating: X A 4

There's a Little Witch in Every Woman (R)
Diandra Hollman
Summary: Scully is feeling very playful and seductive... Doggett will never know what hit him! ;)

DTA Rating: N

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